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Steve Brewer Computer Consultant

118 Newman Dr.

Brunswick, GA. 31520


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Posted on January 12, 2019 at 5:23 PM Comments comments ()
Like so many of you I get calls from these scammers claiming to work for Microsoft et al. I usually like to just keep them on the phone and waste their time so they aren't scamming someone else. So I had a call today and while I am on the phone with the one scammer another called! So I connected them together! Pretty funny! They hung up too soon but it was fun while it lasted! People I cannot stress this enough NEVER ALLOW ANYONE ACCESS TO YOUR COMPUTER unless you are positive to whom you are speaking! The wolf is ALWAYS at the door and these people will stop at nothing to steal your hard earned money! I am always at your disposal day or night so do not hesitate to call me with any questions. And don't feel ashamed if something has already happened...more than likely we can work together to recover any monies lost due to the ever present fraudsters! Be safe out there!

Yet another scam!

Posted on February 16, 2018 at 2:03 PM Comments comments ()
Well here we go again...although this is not a new scam it is new to me. I received a call from "Windows Technical support" telling me I was to receive a refund in the amount of $299.00 from a fraudulent technical support company, iYogi, which I have known they were bogus all along. I have never spent any money with iYogi but this guy (Indian) says I am due a refund. So I bait him aling just to see how it plays out. He asks me to write down my "unique" license ID and he will show me how to verify that number. The number is 888DCA608F0F-11CF, which is "unique" to each computer and I should never share this number with anyone lest they could compromise my computer. Then he asks me pull up a WIndows  CMD prompt and has me type "assoc" and press enter. Which brings up a list of file associations...and a "unique" "Consumer License ID" which is a CLSID registry key and is on EVERY computer running Windows and the same CLSID number will be displayed. Once we verify the CLSID is the correct number, he then transfers me to his supervisor so we can process the refund. Once this guy(another Indian) comes on the line he starts going through his spiel about how I should NEVER share this "unique" ID with anyone, blah, blah, blah. So he asks what is up on my screen and I tell him I have Internet Explorer open with information about the CLSID scams and then I say which is what you are doing right now. SO he says ok well is going to have to lock down my pc. I said DO IT! Lets see how good you are! Well then he hung up, dammit! I tried to call back but the number was fake as well! People I CANNOT stress this enough, NEVER BELIEVE ANYONE THAT CALLS YOU UNTIL YOU PERSONALLY VERIFY THE VERACITY OF THE CALLER. 99 out of 100 of these calls are bogus, fake and fraudulent! Please be aware and always vigilant! They are out there everywhere! And they are trying to steal your money! Please contact me or someone that can help keep you safe out there before you go handing out any information to these scammers! 912-399-5409 Thank you for your time!

MOVED! Finally!

Posted on May 15, 2017 at 10:30 AM Comments comments ()
Well I have finally finished moving my office to my new location! I am now in with TRH Construction at 118 Newman Dr. Brunswick, GA. 31520. My telephone number has not changed but if you find a telephone listing for me as 912-289-9969, that number has been turned off. So please contact me on 912-399-5409 and come see my new digs! And a big and heartfelt THANK YOU to Tommy and Tonia Hull for welcoming me to share their office(thereby saving me money) :) and Thanks to all my customers, past present and future! Lets make it a great one!


Posted on October 28, 2016 at 2:58 PM Comments comments ()
I am still in disbelief the number of people that are falling victim to the thousands of scams that are out there today. Please everyone NEVER trust anyone unless you know them personally. Even then be wary. 99 percent of these "online computer repair companies" are simply a scam to steal your money, your credit/debit card info, or your bank info. DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELF TO FALL FOR THESE SCAMS! If someone calls saying they are from "Microsoft" or "Windows" that is 100 percent ...a scam! Microsoft will NEVER contact you! If a telephone number pops up on your computer telling you to call it immediately, you computer is infected. Again 100 percent scam! The pop-up itself is the virus. All that you have to do is restart your computer and eveything will go back to normal. Even if the message says "DO NOT CLOSE THIS WINDOW OR RESTART YOUR COMPUTER!" It's fine to simply restart this computer. Even if you have to remove the power to restart. Sometimes these pop-ups will prevent you from navigating your computer. Just remove the power cord. If it is a laptop then push and hold the power button for 5 seconds and the system will be forced to power off. That will work for desktop computers as well. If you have fallen victim to one of these scams, never be ashamed to reach out for assistance. Most times I can help recover any monies spent on these scam technical support companies. Please be safe when using your computer and if you ever have a question feel free to contact me, 912-399-5409. I will help keep you safe out there!


Posted on July 25, 2014 at 11:33 AM Comments comments ()
Well, this has been one of the worst times in my life. While I have had many trials and tribulations throughout my life this last 6 months sorta takes the cake. Working for yourself and having no health insurance really takes a toll. I went in for surgery on June 19th in Savannah, the Doctor released me on June23rd. I had a leak in the fluid that surrounds your brain and spinal cord, no idea as to how it happened, no evidence of trauma, just happened spontaneously. The Doctor had to go into my nose to repair the leak.  I think in retrospect I should not have been released but I was ready to get home.

A few hours after I returned home I started acting strange, my wife called the squad and while they were at my home I had what appeared to be a seizure. They rushed me to the Brunswick hospital and kept me there a few days, gave me an MRi and apparently I had developed a brain abscess after the surgery. So they took me back to Savannah and did more surgery on my nose and then kept me in the hospital in Savannah through July 10th. I was freaking miserable. I was put on heavy duty antibiotics to hopefully shrink the abscess. The allowed me to go home with a PICC line and my wife would deliver IV antibiotics 3 times a day. One of the treatments was 2 hours the other 2 were only 30 minutes. Nevertheless it has been a huge strain on both of us this entire time. We saw the Doctor yesterday and they confirmed the abscess had disappeared and I was cleared to come off the antibiotics.

I am feeling much better, still am having a problem with taste and smell but at least I am back to work.

I apologize to all of my customers past, present and future for any delays I may have caused them. I can assure you I am back to my regular schedule now and should be able to handle any and all of your computer needs. Thank you for your patience and understanding through this difficult time. Praise the Lord.

Interesting Medical stuff

Posted on April 7, 2014 at 12:37 PM Comments comments ()
Surely everyone who knows me has heard that I have been having some trying medical problem since Christmas that started with a severe nosebleed on Christmas Eve, that lead to a three hour stint in the ER. Followed by 3 more visits for nosebleeds in the days after. Finally I lived with a rhino rocket for a week. That's basically a tampon with a hose on it that is taped to your cheek so they can fill it with air. To stem the tide of the bleeding. That seems to have solved that problem which they attributed to high blood pressure and me not taking my medicine. So that was done with although I had to wear that stupid rocket to take my stepson back to his Navy base in Pensacola, WOO HOO what fun! So that drama is done and I am feeling good and taking my meds. Well for a LONG time now my right ear has been clogged with fluid behind the eardrum. The Dr thought it might be Cerebrospinal fluid and was hesitant to do anything about it, since it might cause more problems. Well we had the chance to go to Disney at the end of Feb and I went and rode a couple of the lesser coasters...i.e. space mountain, big thunder mountain. After we got back I had a cold/flu and there was a clear fluid pouring from my right nostril. When I went to see the doctor he determined it was cerebrospinal fluid and I needed to go to Savannah to same day to see a specialist. After the CT scans they determined I needed surgery to seal the leak, brain surgery. I told everyone it was Brain surgery "LITE" since it was minor brain surgery but still brain surgery. So they schedule the surgery for 3-13 and they have me in the Surgery center needles in my arm and the doc comes in and says I have an infection so they cannot perform the surgery as the risk it too high. So they admit me to the hosp in Savannah(Memorial) and pump me full of antibiotics, Next day I am cleared to return home. So they send me home and mind you I am feeling like crap and have been ever since returning from Disney and they reschedule the surgery for 3-27-2014 without informing me. Within the next week I start feeling better and the leak subsides. I make an appointment to see the doctor on the 25th to tell him about the leak, that's when I discovered they had me scheduled for surgery on the 27th. The doctor checks me ear and says that sometimes the brain will settle into the hole forming a temporary seal. So they rescheduled for 4-3 and we wait another week. I have been receiving thousands of prayers from anybody and everybody. I have started feeling like my old self again and I was thinking that there was no reason for me to have the surgery. No leak, no feeling bad , no headaches, nothing. So I go ahead and proceed with the operation, once inside they can't find evidence of a leak other than my ear is still clogged with fluid. So thankfully they did not have to perform the brain section of the surgery. They did fix the clogged ear(although I can't tell yet) but they let me go home the same day and I have been fine with little or no discomfort. The is a testament to the works of God, he does answer prayers, sometimes it is not the way or in the time frame that we want but nonetheless he answers prayers. I lift this up to God as a miracle that only he is capable. The doctors had no reasonable explanation other than the leak had sealed on it's own. Praise God the leak had sealed on it's own.

Newest Ransomware Virus

Posted on November 13, 2013 at 10:54 AM Comments comments ()
So where do I begin...Ransomware, Spyware, Virus, adware...whatever you choose to call it, is ramping up. Now more than ever you must be diligent, suspect no one or anything related to your computer and your files. They are now using an encryption software to infect your computer via email with an attachment. Always be wary of email especially with an attachment even from a trusted source. Typically the email will come from a shipping company UPS or FedEx saying you have an undeliverable package and they need you to open the attachment to show you the tracking info so they can deliver it. Be very aware of any attachment in your email and pay special attention to the name of the file...DELIVERY INFORMATION.PDF.EXE is an example of a file with a DOUBLE EXTENSION. The PDF stands for PORTABLE DOCUMENT FORMAT a completely harmless file the is read using Adobe Reader, but the EXE part is an EXECUTABLE extension meaning the file is a program that will run on your computer. More than likely infecting you with some type of virus. They also use .COM which is another type of file that will run a program on your computer(not related to the .COM at the end of web addresses). Please be aware at this time of year shipping is always heavier than usual so that is what makes this virus spread even more rapidly. The virus named Cryptolocker is particularly nasty as it will encrypt all of your files and you will be unable to recover them. Unless you pay the ransom, that can range from $300 to $700, or by making sure you have a reliable backup. Otherwise you WILL lose most if not all of your picture, videos, music and documents. I recommend a service like Carbonite, they offer a backup solution that is seamless, if you are online it is always backing up to the Internet or Cloud if you will. They will backup everything on the computer for $5.00 per month and that is for unlimited storage. Best of all once it is set up there is nothing you need to do it happens in the background always protecting you. Other benefits are the ability to access your files from any computer. I had a client with this service that had their computer stolen, a few days later the backup started again, meaning the computer was accessing the internet from some other location. I was able to retrieve the IP address from Carbonite and we subsequently traced it back to a Comcast address and the police were able to recover the computer. So all-in-all this is a great service for a great price. Feel free to call me if you have any questions about the Encryptolocker virus or Carbonite, I will be glad to assist in everyway possible.

Another Year!

Posted on October 18, 2012 at 5:46 AM Comments comments ()
Well another year has passed...turned 46 yesterday. Doesn't feel much different but it does feel strange to be almost 50. My father passed when he was 50 so if I manage to make to 50 I am not sure how that will be. I don't feel OLD yet but it is strange how you never feel as old as others think you are. 20 somethings think they know everything but they are in for a rude awakening! You don't really figure it out until you get marrried even then it just depends on your character. When you have other people depending on you that really makes a difference. I sometimes feel a bit selfish for not having children and wonder if I have missed out on something great. I always felt like I was struggling to take care of myself so how could I possibly be responsible for another human life? Some people just go with the flow and hope for the best. I guess I will never know but that's okay. I am not displeased with how my life has turned out, while I am not getting rich I am definitely making a decent living. Thank you for all your support and business past ,present and future. Let's see if I can make it another 46 years(I highly doubt it)!

Just Checking in!

Posted on October 11, 2012 at 9:20 AM Comments comments ()
Not much to say right now, just checking in in case anyone actually has time to read these things. Much less me have time to write them. Everything is doing ok right now, business is good, not overwhelming, more than enough to keep me busy all day and into the evening. One thing of note, I have removed several virus's of late that are related to the FBI warning virus. You will receive a warning on your screen that overlays everyhitng, hence you are unable to access your computer. The overlay warning states your computer has been linked to suspicious activity(i.e. copyright infringement, pornograpghic websites) and has been locked. Your fine to unlocvk the computer is $200.00 payable to the FBI. You must get a MoneyPak from Walgreens...etc, in order to unlock the com[puter within 4 days or else you could be subject to further fines and possible arrest.Just FYI for those that don't already know, this is COMPLETELY false! It is an attempt to seperate you from your hard earned money. Please call me if you think you have this particular virus on your system, do not fall prey to the jackals!(Yes last time they were wolves, next time they might be lemurs who knows, :) ) Thanks for taking the time to read my ranblings. Have a blessed day!

Beware of Phone Scams!

Posted on August 27, 2012 at 2:53 PM Comments comments ()
It seems that there are these unscrupulous folk that are intent to prey on the uninformed, uneducated and ignorant. They will call you and address you by name They will claim to be calling from or on behalf of Microsoft about some errors that were reported from your computer and this must be fixed right away. They will take you to the Event Log of your computer which shows multiple red errors most of these errors are benign and not a danger to your computer in any way. They will tell you your computer is in danger of crashing any moment and must be repaired. They will walk you through a procedure and gain access to your computer remotely and then they will proceed to "fix" the computer. It is at this time they will load malicious code and programs to your computer and claim it can not be "fixed" using traditional methods and it will require you to purchase their software in order to "fix" your computer. The cost for this is usually between $100 and $500. I had one customer that fell victim to this and they charged him $300.00 to infect his computer with virus's and now he has given his credit card info to theives. Please I beg you NEVER give any information to someone you do not know be it an email, phone call or any other form of contact. Be ever vigilant! As the wolves are cunning and always at the door! Please call me if you have any questions or feel you might have fallen prey to this scam! Thank you for reading!
Disclaimer: I meant no disrespect to wolves, they are majestic animals and from whence came the domestic dog, man's best friend! I love all animals.